Saturday, July 23, 2016

bliss & light

My recent work with model Ella of Maggie agency in Boston and hair & makeup by June Leung of love notes by june. We spontaneously planned this shoot in hope to promote a very organic and raw yet feminine look. You can check out the photos via my Vogue Italia Photovogue gallery which includes all of my photos they have published here.  

I was actually inspired by this natural beauty brand called Glossier to create this look. I hope to stay inspired and continue shooting this summer. Cheers everyone and happy Saturday!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

floral summers.

Summer calls for more floral prints and cute rompers. I know it has been everywhere but I am a huge fan of the choker + minis or rompers. I mean when it is windy you really do not have to worry about anything flying up.

My romper is from Bare Anthology has lovely handpicked bohemian and contemporary styles any girl would love. I admire the fact that their style and pieces are also influenced and inspired by poetry.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

the oasis.

I was able to spend my birthday in New York this weekend and spend it with my closest friends Celine & Melissa. We had a ton of food adventures and desserts and yummy shoju for the weekend. I had the pleasure of being creative with them as well.

I rented a Canon 35mm 1.4 L lens from LensPro for the weekend since I am currently lens-less and figured this was the best time to do so and shoot. We decided to rent a small studio space from Breather called The Oasis (but don't be deceived for the actual studio does not look like the photos on their site). And wanted to just be creative, shoot and hang out. I was going for a sun-kissed summer feel and we definitely achieved it. My editing and shooting methods are heavily influenced by the lovely film look. I do tend to shoot a bit overexposed.

Overall this weekend was a wonderful escape from my life in Boston. It is always a pleasure to be in New York and it is starting to feel like my second home.

You can check out their social media as well!

Melissa @meliority

Saturday, May 21, 2016

peach & lily ft. caolion

Hi everyone and happy weekend! I wanted to take some time out to talk about this new skin care pack from Peach & Lily I have been using for the past few weeks. Caolion’s pore pack (wash-off masks) are a must-have. They are known for working to clear the skin of impurities and at the same time do not strip the skin of essential hydration.

When it comes to our the skin, often times we neglect our pores. They're small and not always visible unless they are clogged. Because of this dramatic weather change on the east coat my skin is enduring so many changes and my pores are more clogged and noticeable now. In attempt to resolve this I was invited to join Caolion’s 4-step pore process using their 2 bestsellers and 2 new releases before being released to the public.

The Caolion pore system begins as any smart skin regimen will—with a proper deep cleanse. This is definitely one of my favorite cleansers. The Freshly Chitosan Foam Cleanser helped initiate my journey to clear and healthy pores. Formulated with patented unshiu (or Jeju mandarin oil) and antioxidants this cleanser balances the skin’s pH. What I loved most about this cleanser is that it leaves your face feeling refreshed, but not dry, especially if you have mixed oily and dry skin tone like myself.

Next I would use the Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack. This was a heavy duty treatment in my opinion. It is a self-heating wash-off mask I used once or twice a week giving it a spa-like treatment. Even better, it felt like it was something for all skin types, including sensitive skin (which I have). Using micro oxygen bubbles, my skin was deeply cleansed. It contained natural sparkling water and deep-cleansing charcoal powder that worked towards eliminating impurities. Natural oat grains are a key ingredient which made my skin retain its moisture, and gently buffed my dead skin cells away.

The pore pampering continued on with the Premium Original Pore Pack, which was intensely, refreshingly cooling, one of my favorite sensations for my skin. This pack tightened my pores and enhances the complexion. Basically it sealed the deal. It uses Alaskan glacial water and menthol combined for a soothing, cooling, and relaxing sensation that left me glowing.

Finally—bedtime. This one is 100% the one I recommend. Before you knock out, the final step is Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask. This sleeping pack works using a shape memory technology. I woke up to brightened and tightened skin.

Overall it is a lengthy process but worth every step of the way. Peach & Lily are also offering the kit for a limited time discount here

Monday, May 9, 2016

milk & honey

For those who have followed me for the many years my blog has been around, know that my blog has undergone major changes. Something that constantly amazes me is how much I have changed over the course of seven years. However with great changes and accomplishments we undergo many hardships along the way. I am overcoming my darkness and one of the short reads that any young woman who wants to heal is milk & honey by rupi kaur. You can grab your copy for super cheap on amazon. 

Her poetry really appeals to me. Although I did not endure the same life struggles as her writing there is this calm in the way she writes. You have to endure the breaking to experience the healing. There is no hurting without loving. We experience all of these in our own ways and Kaur does an excellent job of bringing it all together in her fluid writing. The poems are short but display the full story. Each poem is its own story. I highly recommend the read. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

glosser - skin first, makeup second.

I'm horrible at blogging. One of the discouraging things about Blogger is the fact that the image quality isn't great when I try to upload my own. But aside from that rant I'm able to step away from life and talk to you guys about this new brand I have become obsessed with, Glossier. They are based in New York and I love their philosophy basically less is more and that skin comes first and smile always.

For skin care, I tens to stick to one brand. I have this little pet peeve of owning too many brands for skin care and would prefer to have all of one brand just to be consistent? Makes no sense but I am just weird like that. I got my hands on their Milky Jelly cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Rose Face Mist, Generation G in Cake, and Balm dot com. All I can say is that I give Glossier a full on five star review. I use everything to the point where it has become a part of my lifestyle.

The cleanser does the job, it is light, jelly like textures, removes excess makeup and smells great. The moisturizer does exactly what it is suppose to and I always apply a generous amount before starting my makeup routine. The mist itself smells like roses and I always spray it on every morning and after I cleanse. Generation G lipstick I got in Cake comes off very natural but is not long lasting. Although it is not long lasting it still gives a nice moisturized feel.

Glossier is a must.

Want 20% off your first Glossier order? Click here and the 20% discount is automatically applied.

Monday, October 12, 2015

eos fairy grey review.

I know it's been quite some time since I have last done a circle lens review but PinkyParadise recently sent me these lovely lenses. They're called EOS Fairy grey lenses. So let us begin.

The details:
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

They come nicely packaged and sealed away with the manufacturer warranty sticker on it as well. The lenses itself were produced in Korea. Generally I never did so well with colored contact lenses I usually wore GEO lenses but I have noticed that those tend to make my eyes more dry.

Comfort: 3.5/5 because although they are more comfortable than other brands after 4~6 hours my eyes are exhausted. I know generally you're not suppose to wear them for that long but after a while they do start to irritate your eyes. I recommend carrying some eyedrops if you're planning on wearing them for a while.

Enlargement: 4/5 only because I feel like they enlarge a bit too much. At times I feel like they're too big giving some people an un natural look. However these are only 14.5mm base curve but come off at 15mm.

Color: 5/5 I love the color! I selected grey but at times they give off a soft blue tone under certain light conditions. I am in love with the color and would most likely stick to this.

Overall: 4/5 I would definitely recommend these for people with darker eyes (I'm not sure how they would look with lighter eyes. I feel that these can come off as dramatic but still a unique look to the lenses. 
Final image with me and the lenses and my strange blue-purple hair. Thanks again Pinky Paradise !
You can grab a pair of these lenses here. xox

p.s. sorry i used my iphone for these images it's a bit difficult to take self portrait photos with my heavy canon. Hopefully in the near future I am able to obtain a tripod and tae these photos more professionally. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm back again. coping with anxiety.

I know that I am really bad at keeping up with other blogs and writing. I am kind of a potato when ever I have even an ounce of free time. This post is going to get a bit personal so please escape while you still can. 

One of the reasons why I have avoided my blog for basically the entire summer is because I have been coping with some anxiety and a bit more. I know that there are many people out there like myself that are quite introverted and do not necessarily know or have the skills to cope. Over the past few months I have tried a few techniques that I have found uplifting and gave me that extra boost I needed.

1. Hobbies. A lot of people assume that photography is my occupation but it is actually a side hobby. I just graduated with a degree in biology and am currently transitioning on applying for a graduate program and working basically full time. I found that working and studying take so much time away from photography so I decided to donate more of my time to photography even if it means less work hours. And although I may not be making as much as I could I found that I am overall happier I can bust out my camera or even iphone photos whenever I got the chance to. I've met some very encouraging friends and I've been constantly supported by my boyfriend. I'm starting to take on more booking and actually making time to go out and even shoot with film again. Lesson learned, don't stop doing what you are passionate about.

2. Yoga & Exercise.  I might not exercise everyday but I get myself to run to the beach a few times a week. I am not as active as I was in high school but the reality is that although it is tiring some physical exercise gives you that mental boost. My best friend always motivates me with exercise tips that work for me. Sometimes finding people who have a similar goal helps you motivate one another. I have gotten into the habit of doing yoga almost every day whether it is for 15 minutes or an hour and if I really have the energy I would start pilates for that extra exercise. I am not 100% caught up but I also started the Kayla Itsines workout back in May. Although I do not follow it everyday just doing it every other day works perfectly.

3. Reading. Okay first of all I am very picky about what time of genre to read. I generally enjoy psychological thrillers when it comes to reading out of interest but do not be afraid to start small. I'mm keep up with issues of Kinfolk, which promotes simple living and more. Their most recent issue 16 is one of my favorites which talks about a sense of belonging, essentials, and taking life as it comes. I also want to recommend a quick read that I finished in 25-30 minutes called A Short Guide to a Happy Life by Anna Quindlen. Find small ready to stimulate you mentally if you cannot bring yourself to do something physical.

4. Talk. Talk your heart out. I have learned this the hardest way by making the mistake of constantly keeping to myself. I am telling you now that it is okay to ask for help. You are not a burden unless you constantly tell people that you are. People will listen and the right people will stay. I made the mistake of keeping this to myself and the result was an outburst of thoughts that were not mine. It takes a toll on you and I know that if you are anything like it, it is difficult to reach out. Do your best and do not give up. Talking it through is another step to understanding ones self. 

Lastly I would like to conclude this post with my favorite quote from Anna Quindlen's novel:
"Life is made up of moments, small pieces of glittering mica in a long stretch of grey cement. It would be wonderful if they came to us unsummoned, but particularly in lives as busy as the ones most of us lead now, that won't happen. We have to teach ourselves how to live, really live... to love the journey, not the destination"