Sunday, April 19, 2015

a gentle white spring.

Spring is finally here in the east coast which means crops, floral, and lace attire can finally be worn. Big thanks to Sheinside for sponsoring this lovely top. They offer a wide variety of clothing types that can be suited for pretty much all fashion types. I'm in love with this and am excited to show you guys what else they have in store in the near future.

Top: Sheinside
Choker: PYLO
Rings: Rag Reveil

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

hello healthy hair.

With all of the newly surfaced hair color trends many like myself have began bleaching their dark black hair. Getting my hair to blonde took 2 sessions but I would need 1 more session to get it to bleach white blonde. The road to blonde hair had been a painful one so finding the right treatments in between has been a great struggle. My friend introduced me to Hello hair a while ago as well as Hairfinity supplements and I have found that direct hair masks are much more effective.

 This is not something that works on the first try. Considering how damaged my ends really are it took about 3 sessions of applying this hair mask on for about 1 hour each time to really notice a difference. The product is extremely light because it is considered a vegan product containing: Coconut oil which helps recover previous damage and adds shine, almond oil, which carried an abundant source of vitamins to boost strength, argan oil which helps with split ends, olive leaf extract which repairs, and lastly castor oil which has omega-9 fatty acid and helps with your roots and scalp and prevents your hair from drying.

After a few more weeks or months I'll be ready to put my hair through one more bleach session (I know I'm pushing it) but this has helped greatly along the way and I would recommend this to all hair types. Also I recommend that for asian hair our virgin hair at the roots are naturally oily I avoid that area and only apply small amounts towards my bleached/dyed areas to avoid making my roots more oily than they already are. But after a few uses you have soft and fluffy hair!

I am using the Hello Hair Hydrating Mask Island Escape Edition 100G. The only difference is that it has more of a fragrance than the original mask. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

beautiful flaws.

Recently did a collaboration with two beauties for this sensual themed shoot. We wanted to give it an American Apparel theme but I wanted to incorporated my dream-like vintage photography to it. I am in love with the ombre trend that's going on at the moment and I love the way her hair falls so naturally in these photos. Cheers to a successful shoot!

Model: Sarieda
Hair: by me
2nd shooter: Nancy Ho
Bodysuit: American apparel

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

what your hair says about you.

I have gone a long way with the color of my hair. I have transition from the darkest of blacks, to reds and blues to platinum blonde and toned it many times just to end up back to black. The beginning of this year I was so tired of picking one color for my hair that I joined in on the bandwagon for some ombre. I didn't like light colors before because maintaining roots was just too much trouble. A few months in and I have been maintaining my ombre with blue/violet shampoos and weekly treatments from hello hair and for heat styling I've been using products from Drybar. People who know me know that I curl my hair almost every day (I know it's so bad but I can't handle how straight my hair is.

I suppose that makes my personality somewhat split. Sometimes I enjoy the blonde and I'll feel more trendy dressing up more than I normally do but I feel like the gradual transition from black to blonde still enables me to be simple. I enjoy simple styles as well dressed with a monochrome color scheme. I'm somewhat of a shy and quiet person but around the right people I can be outgoing and more bubbly so I guess this relates to my hair color choice. Color choice can be difficult but there's so many resources out there that'll help you out like Madison Reed's color advisor. You can start off there and figure out what color and style really suit you! If you haven't heard of Madison Reed they're a hair dying company that I came across that has re-engineered hair color, making it healthier, salon-quality alternative. They actually make dye that is free of sulfates, resorcinol, ammonia, and gluten!